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Sawasdee Krub Welcome To Thailand
Plenty of curious tourists, make Bangkok the right place for adventure, culture and entertainment, everything together in a city that could be described as a 'beautiful chaos'.

The first place that should visited in Bangkok, not only because it is very interesting but, because it is considered as the starting point for exploring the entire country, is Khao San road, once you get there it is inevitable to be contagious of the relaxed atmosphere created by tourists dressed in sandals, shorts and t-shirts, surrounded with peddlers who make a perfect fusion of color, art, music and street commerce, that would be difficult to find in another place in the world.

Getting around the city is quite easy, several options of transportation are available as; the traditional Tuk Tuks, which are colorful three wheels mini taxis, the regular taxis, most of them with AC, and the famous Bangkok Sky Train (Metro), that has lines that take you to the most popular places of the city and also, offers a spectacular night view of the city that you don't want to miss. Another interesting way of getting around in the city, is taking a boat across the Chow Phraya River, which gives you the opportunity to appreciate the famous floating markets, a spectacle of colors that offers you, a nice view of the traditional Thai lifestyle, along with a different perspective of the city.

Treasures of great historical value like the Grand Palace, can be found in a common street in a city as diverse as Bangkok. This majestic palace, which is considered to be the most famous tourist attraction in Thailand, consists of a complex of beautiful architectural pieces inspired by the Buddhism of the 18th century. On its murals, it is possible to appreciate historical episodes of several centuries behind, as well as, the notable Hindu influence in the Thai Buddhism. The most prominent part of this complex is the temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), which houses a tiny Buddha image made of green jade, which is known as most sacred icon of Thai Buddhism.

Right next to the Grand Palace, Wat pho is located. This Buddhist temple, known as the largest and oldest in Bangkok, is worldwide famous because it shelters the Reclined Buddha, which is a Buddha's giant golden sculpture that is going to amazed you , not just for its magnificence, but for the curious artistic details on its feet, which make this sculpture something really sublime. The Reclined Buddha is such a big and beautiful sculpture, that you will want to have a bigger camera to photograph it all.

When the night comes, it is possible to enjoy a Thai boxing match (Muay Thai), one of the most traditional sports of the country. The best places to watch it are Lumpini and Ratchadamnoen stadiums, Although, it is better to be prepared for a huge hustle of the people cheering up their favorite fighter along with live traditional music that makes you feel like you are part of an ancient carnival.

At the end of the day, it is impossible to refuse to a Thai massage session, in which, with almost acrobatic movements, the masseuse will help you stretching your body, not only to loose it, but also, to energize it with ancient techniques that have been practiced over the centuries as a form of healing.

Right after the Thai massage, you will surely feel relaxed, energized and very hungry, so, it is the perfect time to delight yourself, with the world's famous Thai cuisine. So, do not hesitate to taste the delicious and traditional Phad Thai as well as the Tom Yam Goong soup, which will make you, tremble with its indescribable combination of exquisite flavors. Then, it is a good idea to go back to khao San Road and try the traditional Thai bucket, consisting of Thai whiskey, red bull and coke, which will give you enough energy to party till the dawn.

Bangkok is a dynamic city with unlimited places to explore, just let your senses lead you, and you will be surprised of how exciting, wild and exotic it could be.

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