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Alltra - Space Transportation - Offers information on projects, designs and overview of this association of German specialists promoting space transportation and tourism.
Reason Interview: Burt Rutan - Space entrepreneur Burt Rutan talks about how private space flight policy should emphasize innovation, safety, ?and having a good time. (2005)
Space Future - Features news and an e-zine dedicated to space tourism, habitats and vehicles by a pro-space group. Frequently updated.
Space Island Group Project - Features a project descriptions for building a space station devoted to tourism and 0-G experiments, based on the tanks of the space shuttle. Regularly updated.
Spacetopia - Provides membership forum and documents of Japanese organization, and of a club dedicated to space tourism.
Spacetourist - Features a various sources of information on spacetourism opportunities.
Virgin Galactic - Airline offering suborbital spaceflights with a new version of SpaceShipOne. Provides description of flights, the vehicle and offers bookings starting 2005.
Zero-G - Features information on parabolic flights (Zero-G) available to the public for experiencing weightless conditions.
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