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162 days in the east - A detailed travel report of a journey through the Middle East with a 4WD mobile home.
An American Goth Girl in Cairo - Paintings, photography and travel stories by a young American Goth girl in Egypt summer 2003.
Andy's Mideast Journal - Andy Carvin's 1995 trip across Egypt, Israel and Jordan at the time of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.
Armenia, Karabagh, Iran, Turkey 2003 - A trip to Armenia, Karabagh, Iran and Turkey in the summer of 2003. Includes a list of links.
Ayse & Jan's Travelspot - Pics and info of trips through Turkey and Iran featuring a 4 month trip through Turkey and Iran by car, April -August 2002.
Bukkhra-insha-Allah - A journey to Egypt - Journey along the Nile from Cairo to Aswan. As close as if you would be there.
Chris' Trip To The Middle East - Contains informative articles and photographs of destinations in the Middle East.
Daniel and Anita in Egypt and Jordan - A blog about an extensive journey through Egypt and Jordan.
Destinaton Denied. A Travel to North Cyprus. - A journey to a forgotten territory, a lost paradise at the cross-road between Europe and the Middle East: North Cyprus.
Doug Burnett's travel page - Includes two middle eastern trips of note: A 1999 trip to Iran, plus a 1996 trip to Israel and Jordan.
Egypt and Jordan Travelogue - My travelogue of shoestring backpacking in Egypt and Jordan in April 2004 for 21 days.
India Overland 1973, a journey with Swagman Tours - The story of my travels driving several overland trips to Kathmandu for Swagman Tours from 1973 to 1977 via Europe, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nepal
Insh'Allah For Sure - Photographs, stories, and information from Uzbekistan and Iran.
Jani's Excursion to Jordan - Photojournal of a 4-day blitzkrieg tour through the Hashemite Kingdom.
Memories of an educational cruise in the Mediterranean - In 1966 pupils from Ewell County Secondary school went on a cruise in the 'Nevasa' to Italy, Egypt, Israel, Malta and Gibraltar. This is a collection of photographs of this event.
Middle East Trip 2003: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine - A travelogue with lots of photos about three weeks in Middle East, visiting exciting places and meeting charming people.
Nagat's story: A Female Taxi Driver in Egypt - Traveling through Cairo with one of the few women taxi drivers.
Nagorno Karabagh - "on my own" in 2003 - A trip around the Middle East lead me to Nagorno Karabagh in the summer of 2003.
Syria: A Travelogue by Doug Burnett - A travelogue of a trip to Syria, including Damascus, Aleppo and Palmyra, in May 1996.
The Big Trip - London to Cairo via Heartbreak - One Australian's harrowing journey into heartbreak and hell in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
The Orientalist - A trip to Egypt - A young man, travels to the Near East, in hopes of wisdom, and adventure. Watch as he arrives in Cairo, knowing no one, and becomes the loneliest man in Africa. How will it all unfold? Follow the reports in the blog.
Thirty Six Years on a Pillar - An well-informed and intriguing travelogue from Syria, featuring narratives about Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo and other sites. The travelogue is written by a very experienced traveler, Tan Wee Cheng, who has traveled more than 60 countries.
Tom's Travel Journal and Other Stuff - Travel journal of Middle East with photos, including underwater photographs. Countries visited include Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Emirates and Kuwait.
TravelLibrary - Travelogues from across Middle East - Collection of links to personal travelogues pertaining to the region.
Travelogue from the Middle East - Travelogue of a three week journey through Syria, Jordan and Lebanon in October of 2001.
Yemen with Stefano Dighero - No photos, but a detailed and sensitive description of a week in Yemen.
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